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Who am I ?


I am an Alchemical Guide. And my name is Claire :) Clarify things.

Bring forth the Truth. Adjust. And find the balance. In the Other, in Self of course.

I perceive your Truth.

So I put Clarity, I reveal you to You, to Others.

But for that you have to be ready. To see ourselves as we are.

Because the Truth is.

But once that's done,

you become who you are.


In your Sacred Being, the alchemy activated.

I help you and reveal you, to your High Potential.

And the Best in You now

forever revealed,

Work and guide you to a better life.

I propose to :

- guidealchemical ceremonies and workshops  face-to-face with Cocoa,

- to bring you Clarity on what you live:Guidance ClarityAndClarity ++

- to bring out your Divine Potential :Emergence,

- to illuminate your communication:Light up your Com',

- to reveal your Light:Harmony,

- to carry out your project of Heart:Sacred Alchemy,

Onmy youtube channelI do alchemical journeys with oracles.

Andon Patreon, I transmit new, conscious teachings.

How do I work?

A healing and alchemical accompaniment with benevolent listening.

I guide you to the exploration of you, and reveal to you what should. To be liberated and understood, enlightened by conscience. A vibration transmission takes place. A new frequency field is created, and the New takes place in You, in your Life. 

My work tools

Benevolent Listening - Sacred Alchemy

Clarity - Truth - Clairvoyance - Benevolence

Alchemy of being - Reading of dof the soul - Channeling and connection with the Guides - Intuition - Remote energy healing - PNL 

Revealing patterns of suffering

Cleaning of cellular and karmic memories -

Vibration encoding

Communication with Invisible Peoples -

Cell revitalization after burnout - DNA encoding of light


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