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  ◊   Illuminate your communication   

A brand new accompaniment 


I am happy to announce a brand new accompaniment: Illuminate your communication!

Using the Sacred Word, aligned to your vibration, I bring my support to your communication.

This accompaniment was inspired by my Sacred Alchemy accompaniments, I received the inner call to bring my help to illuminate the communications of radiant people!

I help you create the content of your communication (website, flyers, name of your services, description of your services, etc...).


Using the Sacred Word, aligned with your vibration, inspired by the Divine, I bring my support and my Knowledge to help you walk in Consciousness in your communication. 

Bring out the Sacred in You and in your Words, to vibrate it to your audience.

For what ?

  • Radiate your vibration through your words.

  • Touch the Heart of your Audience

  • Attract to you an Audience in resonance with the sacredness of your work.

  • Become who you are through your communication.

For who ?

  • If you already have an activity and want to illuminate your communication with your higher vibration.

  • If you are creating your activity and you need the sacred dimension of your work to be revealed to you through words.

How ?

For the use of the Sacred Word, the one that resounds, that speaks to the Heart.

I accompany you in the creation and emergence of these words, these sentences that will speak to the Heart of your Audience in resonance with your Self.


  • Duration of support: between 2 weeks and 1 month and a half (depending on your needs)

  • Number of sessions: 2 or 3 sessions (depending on your needs)

  • Duration of each session: approximately 2 hours

  • Price: its amount is a vibratory key that was transmitted to me

      It represents the vibration of 5: I communicate, I soar and I show myself.

It is increased tenfold by the vibration of the 0s.

The price of this accompaniment is 500€.

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