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Every month, I find you live. Where I transmit the New, conscious teachings.

To elevate our perspective, see with clarity.

For only knowledge leads to Freedom.

I receive important messages, teachings, always "magically" adapted to what we live in collective. We are often warned and always justly guided.

Sometimes also we receive care from Masters and Guides.

Guidance of the month

I propose a first live at the beginning of the month called "Guidance of the Month".

Gift ! I offer you an excerpt from the October 2022 guidance that I transmitted live on Patreon:  


I'm offering a second live at the end of the month on a theme that my luminous team will have blown to me. This is an opportunity for the Galactic Beings, the Guides and generally the entire Galactic Alliance that guides us in this ascension here on Earth to offer us the messages, information, advice and healings that we need to move forward and succeed in our mission here on Earth.

Upcoming live theme:Why all these shortages?

I received some important messages in August which I am asked to convey today.

Date :Monday, October 24 at 7:30 p.m.

The lives are available on Patreon from 9€.

  • You have access to all the lives, whatever the amount of your subscription.

  • You have the possibility to write to me in private, to leave comments under each post.

  • You receive an email and/or a notification on your phone each time I post something (live date, live link, info, etc...).

  • You can easily change your bank details and your subscription on your account.

  • You join a benevolent community and you create links with them in the chat during the lives.

It's really easy and practical to use and it allows us to be better connected :)

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