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  ◊   Guidance Clarity ++   


During this session, I guide you to (re)find Clarity, Awareness and Alignment in what you are going through.And I offer energetic support to promote the karmic, transgenerational, multi-dimensional releases that you would need in your current situation.


It is the equivalent of Clarity guidance but to this is added a time of care to promote karmic, transgenerational, multi-dimensional releases.
I enlighten you at a specific time in your life when you need lighting or a boost.

This moment when perhaps you doubt, you question yourself.

You find Clarity, Consciousness in what you are experiencing and this is integrated into your bodies so that in your matter, concretely, the path is revealed.

For what ?

  • Clarify a situation

  • Find your alignment

  • Become aware and integrate into your bodies

  • Engage this new alignment in your matter

  • Promote the karmic, transgenerational and multi-dimensional liberations at the origin of what you are experiencing.

For who ?

  • If you question yourself, you doubt,

  • If you need a light on your way,

  • If you are faced with a particular situation

  • If you feel stuck

How ?

A guidance closer to you, in soul reading and channeling that speaks directly from your soul to your Heart. And a time of deep and liberating care.


  • Duration of the session: between 1h​30 and 1h45

  • Price: 90 euros.Until June 21, to celebrate summer with you, I'm offering you a 25 euro discount for each guidance reserved with the codeSOLSTICE2023.

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