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  ◊   Sacred spaces: ceremonies and workshops  

WorkshopsFace-to-face alchemicals


By my name, Claire, I guide and reveal. I allow Clarity.

I illuminate what needs to be and guide on the path of sacred Alchemy, which allows access to real Gold: its inner and personal wealth.

I guide these Sacred spaces, where Consciousness and Freedom come together, where Body, Heart and Soul come together, and find refuge and healing.

Sometimes accompanied by Cocoa, a sacred plant of the Amerindian tribes, used by the Mayas, for its wonderful properties of healing, heart opening and (re)connection to Self.

In the form of a 3h workshop or a ceremony (1h/1h30).

Contact me to organize a workshop or a ceremony at home:

Or : 

  • In Festival: in France, in Europe and all over the world, I guide in French or in English. In Festivals or any other appropriate event.

  • In internships and occasional workshops throughout France and Europe.

  • Around Toulouse: 1 workshop per month (dates and info to come)

  • Individual: alchemical session with Cacao, near Toulouse face-to-face, in a place conducive to peace and healing.

My next workshops

Around Toulouse: once a month from September 2023.

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In Festivals: list to come

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