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  ◊   Emergence   

Unleash your potential Divine


What if everything made sense?

If everything was illuminated?

Bring out who you are, here and now, in your Being, in your Heart and in your Truth.

By sacred Alchemy, bring out of your Heart what you are made for.

Go to meet your own medicine or your Divine way.

This Divine, who in you, pushes you to unfold.

It is with Emergence, divinely inspired, that I will guide you to bring out in you what you are here for.

Your entire Being, divinely deployed,

And that finally you can Be.

And of course begin, act and then Work.

For what ?

  • Radiate who you are without trying to appear

  • Become who you are, this divine spark

  • Realize finally what you are made for

  • Begin to work, your unfolded being

For who ?

  • If you feel the need to expand within you, that something pushes you to align yourself but you don't know exactly how or what you are made for.

  • If you are already working, in your activity, but you feel within yourself the need to adjust, to realign yourself, to understand and/or to (re)structure your said activity (of the heart).

How ?

By Sacred Alchemy, make spring from your Heart what you are made for.

I accompany you on this Sacred way, to find there all your Meaning and then to deploy it.


  • Duration of support: Between 2 weeks and 1 month depending on your needs

  • Number of sessions: 2 alchemical sessions (a 3rd if the need arises)

  • Duration of each session: approximately 3 hours

  • Price: its amount is a vibratory key that was transmitted to me

    It represents the vibration of 8:

Infinite movement between Heaven and Earth, bring down the Divine here in your matter.

Find your Power, divinely inspired, and work in its direction,

Enable divinely harvested Abundance

It is increased tenfold by the vibration of the 0s.

The price of this accompaniment is 800 €

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