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Message of February 15, 2022

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We are here to welcome you to this new space.
You will feel these next times changes in your bodies, in your habits.
These changes are the beginnings of a renewal on your world.

You have been preparing for this for a very long time.
Right now it's emergence. And it starts with YOU.
It is enough simply to be, to listen to oneself.
To give yourself the right to live fully what you want to live.
Thus you will be brought to better listen to yourself.
Listening from the heart.

Like flowers that open, they first took the time to plant a seed.
This is what you were helped to do when you chose to incarnate here.
You are the seeds of the New on this planet.

Today these seeds have grown, thanks to your efforts.

You have allowed these seeds to grow, to grow so that today these flowers that you are can bloom, make this world bloom. And bring to this world more beauty, more joy, more love.

So realize that each of you is a flower, that you have this beauty within you, this ancestral wisdom that you import from elsewhere.
Like flowers in a field blooming at the same time, this is what you are doing on this planet, you are flooding the world with a whole new matter, that of love.
Your inner richness is spreading and allowing everyone to see their own beauty.

Be proud of who you are, because you are beautiful on every level. Your wealth is infinite. Be proud of who you are.

Channel of February 15, 2022.
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