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Alchemical Workshop

Monday January 23, 2023 at 8 p.m. (online) 

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I am happy to announce the first Alchemical Workshop: Choosing to Shine.

An online workshop, the first of a long series because I am now called to put my alchemical medicine by opening spaces for collective healing.

This workshop highlights what is holding you back in your deployment.

Which means you don't dare, or don't know how to shine fully.

Because today, in this new year 2023, this is what is asked of us.

Be yourself, limitless and unvarnished. Just be truly.

And act on his behalf (Higher Self).

What would you do if you dared to shine?

If you allowed yourself to be and do your Heart without letting fear take over?

Don't you want to shine, shine and realize your full potential?

Do you feel slowed down, slowed down, unable to be and do this solar human that you nevertheless feel vibrating in your strong interior (#CohérenceSolaire, #Virginie Lascension).

The one who would do and act if he weren't afraid.

The one who would express himself and be everything if he allowed himself to.

I offer you, in this online workshop, deeply alchemical and transformative, to receive the teachings of this brand new vibration of the year 2023.

And to benefit from the Sacred alchemy, granted to each according to where he is, to help you melt these brakes on your solar being.

Tariff (Vibration key): 33€

This workshop will be available in replay over approximately 1 week.
Of course it is better to experience it live so that I can help you as best as possible, so that you can write to me in the chat.
But it is possible to watch it in replay in the days that follow.

Picture: excerpt from The Sun card from the oracle The Light Seer's Tarot by Chris Anne

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