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April Energy Forecast


You will find here the main lines of the energy forecasts for April, the complete guidance is available in replay and in letter formaton the sacred space that I have created here.

Keep the direction,

The red wire,

Our Supreme Leadership

Keep the direction

Let yourself be carried away by the flow of accuracy,

the flow of your soul.

Even if you are tossed around, stay on course.

Even if everything is against you.

Work valiantly at what you owe.

Do not block action with limiting fears.

Do not stop yourself from acting because of false beliefs.

When you feel the call, act.

Don't wait any longer, we don't have time.

We ask you not to lack courage.

A springboard month

This month we have chosen it, created it.

This is the higher stage of elevation,

a preparatory phase for elevation.


Accept your soul's desires to have arrived

until there.

The way/voice of the Just

Things are adjusting.

Re-à-just = return in the direction of the Just.


The new direction you are going to take,

is the one you didn't see before,

and that you couldn't see before.


It is all that has been accomplished so far that allows access to this space of readjustment.

Our foundations

Thereby echoing our own foundations:

our beliefs, our plans, our relationships, our morals.


The events will echo your own bases, your deep structure.

April is synonymous with movement:

we put in motion the foundations, the achievements,



We will also be affected at the collective level

in terms of structure.

To elevate what owes to what owes.


We will have to deconstruct in order to reconstruct. Sometimes in a lively and surprising way.


It will be necessary to show acceptance, welcome, flexibility when things change.

Sudden and surprising changes will take place whether at the individual or collective level.


This is not a failure, an error.

It is simply the correctness that takes its place in all the asperities of your life.

You are going to surf this month on the rhythm of accuracy and refinement.


Proofs: "evidence" to help you

to discern what is right or wrong.

Don't rest on your laurels

There is always something to do I hear.

Even if we have this feeling of having succeeded,

to have accomplished.


In April, we are asked:

endurance, rigor and discipline.

To see the first results of our efforts appear in May.


DO in the sense of WORK: be rigorous,

allow yourself the luxury of offering the world what

we are here.


Because luxury is not what you think it is.

Unlike a life of idleness, a full life is rich.

Allow yourself the luxury of offering the world what

we are here.

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